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STYLE INSPIRED If you haven't yet heard of them, just wait.... Born and raised in South Florida, 27-year-old Bren and Pip Parkins are quickly becoming new-age fashion icons with their uncanny knack for combining modern, edgy streetwear with throwback pieces to create stylish looks that are all their own. Both graduates of Southern New Hampshire University with bach- elor's degrees in English, the sisters—identical twins, in fact—grew up immersed in culture and the arts. "Our childhood was steeped in travel and a love for art," says Bren. "Our grandparents would take us on many of their excursions to places like Paris and Northern France, which fueled our creativity and heightened our obsession with all things whimsical and historical. Claude Monet was one of our child- hood influences, and I remember visiting Monet's garden in Giverny to sketch the famous water lilies." Their grandmother also introduced them to cinema of the '40s and '50s when they were young, and the costumes left a lasting impression on the blooming fashionistas. "The styles were incredibly inspiring," recalls Bren. In April 2017, they launched their blog and Instagram page, an amalgamation of style, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. "As fiction writers, we can express our passions on a page," says Bren, who is currently penning a Victorian-era historical novel. "But we wanted a way to ex- press our passions for history, poetry, art, and fantasy through what we wore, for all to see. Fashion gives us that opportunity." Aside from Monet, artists like da Vinci, van Gogh, and John William Waterhouse inspire the Parkins sisters through their unique visions, use of color, and lines, says Bren. "An artist's work is seen on a canvas; we like to think that what we wear is much the same." WONDER TWINS BREN AND PIP PARKINS COMBINE THEIR LOVE OF FASHION AND ART TO CREATE UNIQUE LOOKS AROUND SOME OF KE WORTH'S POWERFUL STREET ART By Michelle Lee Ribeiro Photography by Kristine O'Connor Parkins Wings of Unity (2017) by Jennifer Chaparro, mural at Mr. Shoe Repair, 612 Lucerne Avenue Bren (left) and Pip (right): "It's the daring nature of the wings that makes them the absolute focal point of this mural, so we decided to build our looks around graphic tees. We paired them with struc- tured jeans and blazers to mimic the visual shapes of the work. The beauty of a blazer is that it is both soft and structured, much like wings are." 32 art&culture FEATURED ARTWORK FROM CANVAS OUTDOOR MUSEUM SHOW

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